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Bob and Ben - Bob DeLancey and Ben Catley

(Picture to come soon ... if we can get these two to stop long enough to pose for a pic!)

If it sounds like Bob and Ben have been on the air for a while, it's because not only do the pair have over six decades of broadcast experience between them, but they are also not new to working on the air together.

When Bob and Ben first met, Ben was working for KVAY-FM in Lamar, CO, and did mornings as well as handle the sports for the station, becoming the go-to source for all sports in the Arkansas Valley. Bob was part of the group which bought KVAY in January 2003, and it wasn't long before Bob and Ben became partners on the morning show. And, as the say, the rest is history ... sort of.

Bob still is in the ownership group of KVAY, but moved back to his native Oklahoma in 2006 for family reasons, eventually settling in Moore, Okla. However, when the opportunity presented itself for a new challenge, Bob decided that Plainview, Texas was calling his name.

Ben moved from Lamar in May 2005 for a position with a two-station group in Miles City, Mont., then found himself in Missoula, Mont., becoming the radio voice of the Missoula Osprey in June 2007 - a position he held until he moved to Plainview. In February 2012, Ben added sports anchor duties for ESPN Radio Missoula, and also did play-by-play of Missoula Loyola football and basketball for the station. Currently, Ben is still doing morning sportscasts for ESPN Radio Missoula while handling his tasks here in Plainview.

When Bob made the move, the first name that came to his mind was Ben's as far as the person he wanted to help him run the stations. In Lamar, Ben handled the programming duties for KVAY, and was, in essence, Bob's right-hand man there. That resumed when Ben arrived in Plainview.

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